Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Oklahoma Storyteller Vol. 1 is getting closer to be ready for the studio! 

9 of 12 songs have been written for the album, leaving 3 to write! 

There are 3 phases to creating this album, they are Rhythm, Layering, and Final Touch. 

Phase 1 Rhythm = $7,800

3 Days in studio   3,300

Drums and Bass    3,000

Engineer 1,500

Phase 2 Layering = $5,800

Individual Musicians 3,800

Studio Vocals = 2,000

Phase 3 Final Touch = $16,300

Mastering 4,000

Graphics  1,000

Vinyl Record Production (500) 4,300

Videos 5,000

Travel 2,000

So here's the thing, I can't do it without you! Our first goal is to reach Phase 1 of course. I'll also be listing different areas and hope that you can contribute to what you feel is closest to your heart. Just click on the photo. We will have a race and see which song gets there first. 

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