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Hannibal B. Johnson, Author of Black Wall Street 100 “Bravo! Well done! You've captured the essence of the story (The Victims Have Names) in an accurate and compelling way.”

DALLAS OBSERVER Sarah Popejoy, a country singer-songwriter from Tulsa, dropped the video for her song “The Victims Have Names.” The song discusses the horrors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, told through the eyes of one victim, Dr. Andrew C. Jackson. In the music video, the singer makes the same walk that victims had to make at gunpoint from Greenwood (which was known as Black Wall Street) to Convention Hall (now the Tulsa Theater) which was used as a detention center. - David Fletcher, Dallas Observer

Al Dia "Country singer Sarah Popejoy, (wrote) a song to honor the victims of the Tulsa massacre in 1921."