Phase 1 - The Oklahoma Storyteller Vol 1

Rhythm: Drums, Gutiar, Studio, Vocals

SONG SUBJECTS: Leon Russell, Woody Guthrie, Caroline Henderson of the Dust Bowl, Dust Bowl/Depression Orphans, Route 66, Mickey Mantle, Wanda Jackson, The Trail of Tears, The Red River Bridge War, The Oklahoma City Bombing, Ghost Town of Picher (completed), The Tulsa Race Massacre (completed)

Leon Russell's Church Studios! 

Visited Leon Russell's Church Studio this week. They have done an amazing job not only restoring the studio but updating and returning it to it's glory as a world class studio. I can't wait to record here in March! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 

Oklahoma Storyteller Vol. 1 is getting closer to be ready for the studio! 

9 of 12 songs have been written for the album, leaving 3 to write! 

There are 3 phases to creating this album, they are Rhythm, Layering, and Final Touch. 

Phase 1 Rhythm = $7,800

3 Days in studio   3,300

Drums and Bass    3,000

Engineer 1,500

Phase 2 Layering = $5,800

Individual Musicians 3,800

Studio Vocals = 2,000

Phase 3 Final Touch = $16,300

Mastering 4,000

Graphics  1,000

Vinyl Record Production (500) 4,300

Videos 5,000

Travel 2,000

So here's the thing, I can't do it without you! Our first goal is to reach Phase 1 of course. I'll also be listing different areas and hope that you can contribute to what you feel is closest to your heart. Just click on the photo. We will have a race and see which song gets there first. 


Sarah Popejoy (Jackson) is based out of Broken Arrow, OK with her wife Kim Jackson. For more information feel free to call Sarah at 918.863.5045 or email her at sarahpopejoy AT